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International Air Cargo Transportation

Our sales marketing service includes:

  • Commercial Visits
  • Foreign Trade Advice
  • Rate control
  • Design of strategic alliances and interline agreements
  • Making agreements
  • Telephone marketing
  • Advice on cargo handling: DGR, Perishers, Specials, Cubicaje, Packaging, Marking, Dimensions, Labeling).
  • Reserve Control

We transport any type of cargo whose weight and size are admissible in our aircraft.

Delicate merchandise

All those items that due to their characteristics or structure, when transported, may break or deteriorate. This type of load must be conveniently packed with materials that protect the merchandise, especially a cushioning material that allows keeping the goods in good condition.

Within these items are classified: personal computers, ceramics, glassware, tableware, cell phones, LCD TVs.

Perishable or climate-sensitive cargo

All merchandise that is necessary to maintain in certain climatic conditions, in order not to lose its properties or quality of its components.

Within these articles are classified: flowers, fruits, meats, eggs, medicines and organ transplants.

Within our quality procedures, we verify the correct packaging that allows the absorption in case of any spill during its transport.


All merchandise whose components or substances may endanger health, safety or the environment.
Within this type of merchandise are classified: explosive merchandise, gases, flammable liquids, infectious substances, radioactive or corrosive material.

Why Should you Choose Us

  • Supervision and storage organization
  • Customized customer service and after-sales
  • Track cargo guides.
  • Control of customer documents (freight forwarders)
Heavy load and large dimensions

This type of transport is determined according to the total load capacity of the aircraft and the dimensions of the doors of the transport holds.

Human remains

Transport of corpses, as long as they are embalmed in zinc or lead metal box (hermetic), absorbent material, wooden box (coffin), cardboard as far as the incinerated remains, this must be found inside a funeral urn.


All types of live, domestic and inoffensive animals in safe packaging or cages.
In the case of dogs, they must have their vaccination card. For animals that are in danger of extinction, all the appropriate permits must be presented for their mobilization.

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