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Foreign Trade Advising

In Awb Aviation Aircargo Logistic we provide advice in foreign trade, specializing in the following aspects

  1. strategic advice on international transport.
  2. Documentary management of foreign trade operations.
  3. Reduction of packaging costs when exporting.
  4. Management of incidents.
  5. Advice on incoterms.
  6. Tariff classification
  7. Liquidation of import and / or export taxes.
  8. International coordination of cargo and logistics.

What documents do I need to export?

  1. Proforma invoice. This document must be presented by the exporter to the importer in English or in the language of the country of destination. It can be a fax, a formal contract or a form, which must contain information to confirm the business, such as quantity, price, transportation, packaging, payment method and conditions of sale. This information is necessary so that the importer can open a letter of credit for the issuance of securities.
  2. Bill of charge. This document must go along with the merchandise from the departure of your establishment until it reaches the place of embarkation for the exterior.
  3. Commercial Invoice. This document for export represents the commercial operation. It must contain all the initial information that was declared in the pro-forma invoice, in addition to others that confirm the completion of the export.
  4. The Commercial Invoice represents the commercial operation and serves to formalize the transfer of ownership of the merchandise to the buyer.
  5. Knowledge or Certificate of Boarding. Issued by the carrier company or your agent, represents the contract of transport and proof of delivery of the merchandise, constituting proof of shipment.
  6. Packing List. It is made by the exporter and includes a list of volumes and description of their contents.
  7. Certificate of Origin (Certificate of Origin). This document proves that the product is indeed originating in the exporting country

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